Tips to get great smartphone wedding photos from your guests

You’ve got wedding photos of the two of you covered and you’ve got the beautiful wedding album in mind, but how can you get brilliant images from your guests to remember the day?

Perfect for funny memories, special moments and thank you’s, having a great selection of images shot by your guests is incredibly easy to do now that everyone has a smart phone in their pocket. It only takes a little preparation to get the most out of the army of amature photographers on your guest list.

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How to Plan your Wedding Album before the big day

What is your story?

So much time and effort go into making your Wedding Day a big success that planning your perfect wedding album at the same time makes so much sense. Your wedding photo album is one tangible reminder you can have to bring back the kaleidoscope of emotions you both felt.

This is the day you want to capture from beginning to end, but how best to tell that story? By storyboarding your celebration.

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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Photos for Your Album

The big day has come….. No, we’re not talking about the WEDDING day. But we are talking about a day that is almost as eagerly anticipated. The day that you get to see your beautiful WEDDING PHOTOS for the first time!

Whether you handpicked an amazing professional photographer or it turns out Uncle John is a wiz with a camera, you have probably been given thousands of beautiful images to sort through.

Finding the right mix to truly reflect the memories of your day can sometimes be a little tricky. This list of TOP TIPS will help you find the perfect balance.

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12 Fun Wedding Photo Ideas For Your Special Day

Everybody wants their special day to be the happiest, most memorable one of their lives, but many struggle with finding creative, comfortable and innovative ways to photograph their big moments.

It’s not uncommon for photographers to come across bridal parties who aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, which is why so many specialty wedding photographers now focus on taking natural, unposed shots.

Having a photographer with good ideas is helpful, but if you can, having a portfolio of great ideas before the big day will help settle those butterflies.

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